DataServices World program: SOA data modeling, data services architecture, LINQ, ADO.NET, Entity Framework and more

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DataServices World is a conference that focuses on service-oriented architecture (SOA), data services and data access. It runs June 24, 2008 and
is co-located with SOAWorld 2008 at the Roosevelt Hotel (45th and Madison Avenue) in New York City.

The DataServices World faculty includes an ACM Fellow, the lead architects of Enterprise Java at Sun and data programmability initiatives at Microsoft, and other software gurus. The program examines the data services layer, scalable database architectures for SOA, heterogeneous data integration, data modeling, WADL and URIs, and LINQ and ADO.NET Data Services. Besides individual presentations, the program also includes a panel discussion plus a data access and data services workshop.

Registration is open. Early bird (discounted) registration is available until April 18, 2008.

Program for June 24

Welcome Address
T1 Data Services Layer and Its Role in SOA: Principles, Boundaries, Contexts, and Possibilities
Dr. Mark Davydov, CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield

T2 Database Architecture for SOA, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
Paul Rivot, IBM

T3 Keynote Frontiers in Data Integration: Exploiting Heterogeneous Data John Goodson, DataDirect Technologies

T4 Data Services Modeling: Data Modeling in the SOA Age Dr. Michael Carey, BEA

T5 LINQ, Entity Framework and ADO.NET
Mike Pizzo, Microsoft

T6 WADL, URIs as Database Types, Other Tricks of the Architect's Trade Mark Hapner, Sun Microsystems

Panel Discussion: "The Importance of Middleware and Data Services"

Mark Davydov, Director of Systems Development, Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield
John Goodson, VP and General Manager (DataDirect Technologies) Mark Hapner, Distinguished Engineer, SOA Strategist (Sun) Nikita Ogievetsky, Vice President (Morgan Stanley) Paul Rivot, Director of Information Management (IBM) John Senor, President (iWay Software)

Moderator: Ken North, Ken North Computing, LLC

"Data Access and Data Services Workshop"

Dr. Michael Carey (BEA), Dr. Carlo Innocenti (DataDirect), Michael Pizzo (Microsoft)

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