Re: Terminology Question: Intention and Extension

From: paul c <toledobysea_at_ac.ooyah>
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 2008 18:09:12 GMT
Message-ID: <cfPJj.27799$rd2.8015_at_pd7urf3no>

Rob wrote:
> In the early days of the relational model, the words *intention* and
> "extension* were used respectively to mean *query* and *response*.
> That is, an SQL (or other database language) query represented your
> *intention*, that which defined what you wanted to retrieve. What the
> RDBMS delivered to you was the corresponding *extension*. (Kind of
> like the definition of something and the thing itself.)
> Is this usage (query = intention, response = extension) used today? If
> not, what are the common terms used for query and response, and how
> are the terms *intention* and *extension* used now?

I never heard 'intention' used that way, but sometimes 'intension'. Received on Sat Apr 05 2008 - 20:09:12 CEST

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