LinkedData Planet: Berners-Lee and distinguished faculty present next technology wave of data-aware applications

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The concept of linked data is gaining mindshare with developers, users and the more than 200 software companies developing semantic tools. A community including architects, developers and web builders is advancing the evolution of the World Wide Web from linked documents to a web of linked data. We believe LinkedData Planet is a conference that will be of great interest to that community of enterprise architects, information
architects, developers, DBAs, venture capitalists and technical managers.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Director of the W3C, will deliver a keynote and a distinguished faculty will deliver a content-rich technical program at in New York City (June 17-18). Besides the keynotes, there will be a Linked Data Workshop and a Power Panel. Gurus such as Jim Melton, the SQL standard editor, and Dr. Ashok Malhotra, standards architect at Oracle, will discuss exploiting SQL, XML, structured and unstructured data.

- "Web of Data" by Sir Tim Berners-Lee (Director, World Wide Web Consortium)
- "Creating, Deploying, and Exploiting Linked Data" by Kingsley Idehen (President and CEO, OpenLink Software Inc.) - "The Semantic Web as a Blue Ocean Opportunity" by Ian Davis (Chief Technology
Officer and Director, Talis Group)
- "Scalable Semantics User's Guide" by Atanas Kiryakov, Head, OntoText Lab

"How to efficiently publish and locate linked data: Semantic Web
Sitemaps and Sindice API"
Dr. Giovanni Tummarello (Research Scientist, DERI Galway)

"Starting with SPARQL: making RDF shine "
Dr. Andy Seaborne (Research Scientist, Hewlett-Packard Research Laboratories)

"Best Practice in Semantic Systems Development "
Dr. Rachel Yager (Director, Machintas, Inc.)

"Linked Data: The Real Web 2.0"

Uche Ogbuji (Partner, Zepheira)

"Building a Practical Semantic Framework: The role of taxonomies and
controlled vocabularies in data integration" Seth Earley (Founder, Earley & Associates)

"Linked Data Workshop"

Moderator: Bob DuCharme , Solutions Architect and Author / Conference Chair, Innodata Isogen
Instructors: Dr. Melliyal Annamalai (Principal Product Manager, Oracle), Michael Bergman (CEO, Zitgist LLC), Uche Ogbuji (Partner, Zepheira), Nikita Ogievetsky (Vice President, Morgan Stanley), Walter Perry (Managing
 Director, Fiduciary Automation), Dr. Andy Seaborne (Research Scientist,  Hewlett-Packard Research Laboratories)

"TripBlox : Shared Travel Information, Microformats, Ideas and Intent"
Taylor Cowan (Emerging Solutions Principal, Sabre Holdings), Jay Fichialos (Director of Ideation and Experience, Travel Studios)

"The Fellowship of the Web: The Two Towers"
Dr. James A. Hendler (Tetherless World Senior Constellation Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

"Enabling Semantic Applications Through Calais"
Barak Pridor (CEO, Reuters ClearForest )

"DITA, Semantics, Content Management, Dynamic Documents and Linked
Data - A Marriage Made in Heaven?"
Jeffrey Deskins (Principal Consultant, JustSystems), Amber Swope (Principal Consultant, JustSystems)

"From DBpedia to OntoWiki - Emergent Data and Semantics from Social
Dr. Sören Auer (Researcher and Author, University of Pennsylvania)

"Using Machine Learning to Discover and Understand Structured and
Unstructured Data "
Dr. William Cohen (Associate Research Professor, Carnegie Mellon University Machine Learning Department)

"Integrating Relational Data Into the Semantic Web"
Dr. Ashok Malhotra (Standards Architect, Oracle), Jim Melton (Standards Maven, Oracle)

"Improved Services Through Behavior and Activity Recognition"
Dr. Jans Aasman (CEO, Franz Inc.)

"Applying Semantic Web Technologies to Enterprise Solutions"
Dean Allemang (Chief Scientist, TopQuadrant Inc.), Irene Polikoff (Executive Partner, TopQuadrant Inc.)

"Leveraging Semantic Technology for Infrastructure Mediation"
Geoff Brown (CEO, m2mi Corporation)

"How to Publish Linked Data on the Web"
Tom Heath (Researcher, Talis Information Ltd)

"The Social Internet, Promise or Plague in Education?"
Rebecca Dias (VP of Software Development, SynapticMash)

"Semantic Technology in the Real World: Challenges and Opportunities"
Moderator: Ken North, President, Ken North Computing LLC Panel members: Geoff Brown (CEO, m2mi Corporation), Kingsley Idehen (CEO, OpenLink Software Inc.), Eghosa Omoigui (Director, Intel Capital),
Robert Shimp (Vice President, Oracle ), Alex Spinelli (CTO, Reuters News)

LinkedData Planet

When: June 17-18, 2008
Where: Roosevelt Hotel

             45th and Madison Avenue
             New York City

Registration is open at:

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