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Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2008 20:45:48 GMT
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>I'm looking for someone, someone I can get an email from confirming
>their opinion for presenting a standard for deleing employees in an HR
>The issue is we have thousands of workers and hire several each day,
>some of whom we make an offer but they fail to show. Once the offer
>has been made we open a record for them even though they may not show.
>We want to, and and IS dept. to convince that these records must not
>be deleted.
>I need a solid opinion form an HR database person who can state their
>views on this.
>Does anyone out there know of such as scenario?

IMHO IANAL IANAHR you only have a candidate, not an employee, until they turn up on the premises, start work, and sign an employee contract, at which point you have an employee, whose record should have a reference to their candidate information.
These situations are often dealt with using contact or history tables, which say what happened when and give a follow up date. HR may want to keep some candidate information around, in case that person ever applies again to the company. Legal limitations may restrict what information may be kept, and for how long, about candidates who do not become employees.

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