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From: rpost <>
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 19:37:11 +0100
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Cimode wrote:

>[...] you got the nerve to try to
>suggest that it's you who is knowledgeable and that all the people who
>tried to help you so far would be ignorant.

I don't think the people I reply to are ignorant. Neither do I consider myself to be more knowledgeable. If I'm suggesting that, it's due to poor writing.

>In fact, it is just that you are dumb and can't reason abstractly.

Wow. People have said many things about me, in public or private, but this is a first.

>I hope but doubt that you will ever realize that using *Helicopter
>view of data* to make a point in front of people who think
>algebraically and mathematically about data just reveals how damaged
>are your cognitive abilities.

"Helicopter view" means: queries have access to all attributes of all relations. I thought that would be obvious. Sorry.

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