Re: Object-relational impedence

From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 13:04:10 -0300
Message-ID: <47d7fefe$0$4041$>

topmind wrote:

> On Mar 11, 7:25 pm, Robert Martin <> wrote:

>>On 2008-03-10 23:28:40 -0500, Marshall <> said:
>>>Clearly comp.object and comp.databases.theory form just
>>>such a dyad, with data-centered vs. code-centered thinking
>>>the unresolvable heart of the conflict.
>>So, in this entire discussion, have you seen me attack database theory
>>even once?

> You "downplay" RDBMS. You compared queries to "assembler language" in
> one reply, for example. While not a direct "attack" it is the next
> nearest thing.

It's also incontrovertible proof of his profound ignorance. Received on Wed Mar 12 2008 - 17:04:10 CET

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