Re: Object-relational impedence

From: S Perryman <>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 11:08:17 +0000
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JOG wrote:

> On Mar 12, 9:34 am, S Perryman <> wrote:

>>JOG wrote:

>>>A red herring as far as I'm concerned this Robert - after all RM is
>>>not an "inference engine" either. What I am questioning whether we
>>>need the concept of inheritance /whatsoever/. It does not exist in
>>>logic, it has no underlying theoretical justification, and is purely
>>>an ad hoc mechanism thrown together at xerox parc.

>>2. Devised because of the influence of academic work on data types (Hoares'
>>"record" types) , and noticing things having related properties/behaviours >>in simulation systems.

>>So not really ad-hoc (thought went into providing the scheme) .

> Remember that there is a huge amount of 'academic work' on XML - that
> doesn't make XML any the less ad-hoc, or without sound theoretical
> foundation.

Perhaps so.
But for the things we are discussing, these people and their work was the *genesis* .

> But again thanks for the info, and if you have any links
> to the things you site, I'd be interested to having a look.

A search on simula + hoare + record, seems to yield a fair amount of sources.

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