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From: Stefan Ram <>
Date: 8 Mar 2008 13:55:39 GMT
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mAsterdam <> writes:
>I am thinking about later picking some of your post for
>the [Value] entry (in progress) of the c.d.t. glossary.
>Would you mind? (I know that strictly speaking I don't need yout

  I am pleased to learn that you like it. Feel free to use the   contents in your own wording without any acknowledgment.

  I only ask to mention my name if you should choose to quote   more than 50 % of my post unmodified (literally) or if the   glossary entry constitutes to more than 50 % of literal   quotations from my post.

  Later, the following remarks about values came to my mind:

  • When "everything" can be a value, a learner might be grateful for some counterexamples of what is /not/ a value. In first-order predicate calculus, for example, the parts of the language (like operators or formulas) and certain other concepts (possibly sets) are not values a variable can take. So, this depends on the language and theory being used.
  • Values given by a list, like "0, 1, ..., 32767", in some languages (like Java) are also known as "primitive values" when one wants to distinguish them from means to refer to objects that are called "reference values".
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