Re: Mixing OO and DB

From: Marshall <>
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 07:34:32 -0800 (PST)
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On Mar 5, 6:58 am, Bob Badour <> wrote:
> Chris Date said it even better in his book: _What Not How_

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Apropos of nothing, this was the first book about relational matters that I read, something like ten years ago. I was getting curious about data management, and had gotten past the point where I dismissed SQL out of hand. I thought, hey, I'll read a book! A "novel" idea for me, as it were. This was the first thing that looked interesting. It was a strange yet appropriate choice for a first one. Very trippy to my oh-so-procedurally trained head. And yet, it stayed at such a high level that the point was easy to see. Imagine if I'd picked up, say, TTM or the Alice book! I'd have drowned in details and been washed away.

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