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On Mar 3, 4:17 pm, paul c <toledoby..._at_ac.ooyah> wrote:
> David Cressey wrote:
> ...
> > I should have attributed the response "What are you, a wise guy?" to Moe.
> > It does sound like something Moe would have said.
> I must say I get more of a kick out of the humours of different cultures
> than I do out of the OO cultureclub's mixconception that any data model
> is possible if enough elaborate terminology is wrapped around some
> language or other. I never saw anything done in C++ that couldn't have
> been done in C.

*splutter* Templates paul, templates! ;)

> It seems particularly North American to cover up engine
> internals, whether computer or automotive, with a lot of window
> dressing. Cimode may remember Jacques Tati, a film comic very famous in
> France. An old (Brit) friend of mine was a fan of his and once dragged
> me to an art house retrospective of Tati's films. The place was full of
> earnest cinema students who took notes as they watched, as silently as
> could be. Tati wasn't my cup of tea and I was quiet at first but my
> friend was guffawing loudly and incessantly as soon as the lights went
> down. The kids were there to study, not to laugh and were most annoyed,
> glaring towards my pal and shsshing him. This got me to laughing out
> loud which made those students very angry. So I enjoyed the evening
> but, I was told, for completely wrong and illegitimate reasons.
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