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Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 10:14:37 -0800
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Rob <> wrote:


>1. Statement of Facts, Example 1:
>2 sets if propositions (i.e., 2 tables: Adult, Child)
>Al is a male adult, age 45 => (adultname:A,sex:male,age:45)
>Bob is a male child, age 15 => (childname:Bob,sex:male,age:15)
>Carol is a female child, age 13 => (childname:Carol,sex:female,age:
>Dee is a female child, age 8 => (childname:Dee,sex:female,age:8)
>what I referred to as JT's:
>Al is father of Bob => (father:Al,child:Bob)
>Al is father of Carol => (father:Al,child:Carol)
>Al is father of Dee => (father:Al,child:Dee)
>2. Now, although Al is father of Bob, Carol and Dee, only Bob and
> Carol are siblings. Dee is a child of a 2nd marriage. We want
> to capture the fact that Bob and Carol are siblings, but Bob
> and Dee (and Carol and Dee) are half-siblings. So, instead of
> the JT (i don't know what you call it), I propose the following
> Aggregate and Link:
>Al is the father in family unit 1 => (familyunit:1,familyfather:Al)
>Al is the father in family unit 2 => (familyunit:2,familyfather:Al)

     Not workable. They can all be the same family unit. What you are missing is maternity. Add Susan and Vicki who are Al's first and second wives and, more importantly, the mothers. You can then express that Bob and Carol are siblings (because they have the same father and the same mother) and that Carol and Dee are half-siblings (because they only have one parent in common).

     Since motherhood has been brought into the picture, maybe add a predicate for "likes apple pie". <BEG with ice cream>


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