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Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2008 12:21:00 -0500
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Bob Badour wrote:

> Gene Wirchenko wrote:

>> JOG <> wrote:
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>>>> Since Sarah lives in Canada, the concepts of husband and bride might
>>>> need some adjustment. What happens when there are two husbands? Or two
>>>> brides?
>> Then there is a different model of marriage data implemented.
>>> I know nothing about Canada apart from there are a lot of moose, who
>>> all play ice hockey and say 'aboot'. I'm visiting in April so I will
>>> find out more then ;)
>> "aboot"? That sounds Easternerish, Newfoundlander? Where in
>> Canada will you be visiting? I am in B.C.
> The Yanks think we all say "aboot". I cannot say "out and about" among 
> Americans without causing peels of laughter.

We don't say "aboot", they say "abowat".. easiest way to speak 'Merkin is to put an Elvis-sneer at a random place in any multisyllabic word.

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