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-= MI5: cost of the operation. -=

Here's what a couple of other people. on Usenet (uk.misc) had to say regarding the cost of running such. an operation...

PO: >Have. some sense, grow up and smell reality. What you are talking about
PO: >would take loads of. planning, tens of thousands of pounds and lots of
PO: >people involved in the planning, execution. and maintenance of it. You
PO: >must have a very high opinion of. yourself to think you are worth it.

PM: >But why? And why you? Do. you realize how much it would cost to keep
PM: >one person under continuous surveillance for five years? Think. about
PM: >all the man/hours. Say they _just_ allocated a two man. team and a
PM: >supervisor. OK., Supervisor's. salary, say, #30,000 a year. Two men,
PM: >#20,000 a year each. But they'd need. to work in shifts -- so it would
PM: >be six men at #20,000 (which with. on-costs would work out at more like
PM: >#30,000. to the employer.) 
PM:. >
PM: >So, we're talking #30,000 x 6. #180,000. plus say,. #40,000 for the 
PM: >supervisor. #220,000. Then you've got the hardware. involved. And 
PM: >any transcription that needs doing. You don't. think the 'Big Boss'
PM: >would. listen to hours and hours of tapes, do you.
PM:. >
PM: >So, all in all, you couldn't actually do the job for much less. than
PM: >a quarter million a year. Over. five years. What are you doing that makes
PM: >it worth the while of the state to spend. over one and a quarter million PM:. >on you?

Those are pretty much the sort. of calculations that went through my head once I stopped. to consider what it must be costing them to run this operation. The partial answer is, there have been periods when. the intensity has been greater, and times. when little has happened. In fact, for much of 1993 and the first half of 1994,. very little happened. Although I don't think that was for reasons of money - if they. can tap into the taxpayer they're not going. to be short of resources, are they?

The more complete answer is. in the enormity of what they're doing. Relative to the cost to British pride. of seeing their country humiliated for the persecution of their own citizens, isn't is worth the cost of four. or five people to try to bring things to a close in the manner they would wish?. To the government a million or two is quite. honestly nothing - if they can convince themselves of the necessity of. what they're doing, resources will not be the. limiting factor.

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