Re: A philosophical newbie issue: catch redundant errors via relationships or programmically?

From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 13:24:42 -0400
Message-ID: <4777d460$0$19876$>

raylopez99 wrote:

> On Dec 30, 10:40 am, mAsterdam <> wrote:

>>What you see depends on where you stand.

> OK wise guy <g>, I kindly beseech thee to give me a simple schema that
> will do the following: "to declare a uniqueness constraint as a
> foreign key reference" that allows me to do the following:

Why on earth would anyone declare a uniqueness constraint as a foreign key reference? They are different things.


> Got Access?

That's rather like asking: "Got herpes?"

> LOL. Access is great for rapid coding at the GUI level--you should
> see what I've come up with in only a few days, but it's kludgey trying
> to debug stuff.

Access is an end-user reporting tool. It pretends to be a bunch of other things but it does those other things very poorly.

> BTW, I notice a tension between not just front end GUI and back end dB
> schema people, but between putting data traps and data crunching code
> in the GUI front end versus writing a SQL query or otherwise dealing
> with the data in the back end. In fact, some people (the posters at
> microsoft . public . access . formscoding and elsewhere) imply and
> state that it's better to deal with this stuff at the front end, since
> SQL "puts too much load onto the servers" (or in particular Access), a
> preformance issue, while others, I suspect you guys, think that the
> front end technique is too much of a maintenance problem or is bad
> design.
> RL

The whole point of using a database management system is to centralize data management so that no user or application can subvert the integrity of the data for any other user or application. But then again, you are not using a database management system--you are using an end-user reporting tool with a built-in file processor. Received on Sun Dec 30 2007 - 18:24:42 CET

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