Re: A newbie paradox: is this a PK-FK (relationship) problem, or programming problem?

From: rpl <>
Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2007 03:13:21 -0500
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Tony Toews [MVP] wrote:
> Bob Badour <> wrote:
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> listing.)
>>> <shrug> I have no training in relational design or computers or >>> whatever. Well not quite I do have 3 credit hours as a teenager.

wow, wish I coulda done that... i had 8 years as a teenager... seemed longer.

>> I am sure you are dutifully proud of your ignorance. That's one of the 
>> hallmarks of the vociferous ignorami.

> Am I supposed to be insulted by your comment?

Find an online dictionary and *know* if your supposed to be insulted or not. BTW, your experience and what you're trying to do make you a "hacker" not a newbie. Newbies are generally defined as people *in* a field who are just starting, not people who aren't in a field and don't plan on being so.

The subject is "relational database design" and it really is a fascinating field and a useful discipline. There are some well written books available.

I know a few MVP's; y'all generally work pretty hard trying to make up for what M$ and their customers can't be arsed to do, so...

Vague oracular hint: a "Stocks" record with Abbreviation as a PK and possibly <relevant cough> another thing or two might go a long way towards solving your problem, as well as noting that a screen-display is a data-structure.

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