Re: Newbie question about db normalization theory: redundant keys OK?

From: Tony Rogerson <>
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 22:00:09 -0000
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> This makes my student number 7613861 artifical?
> This makes my employee number 644923 artificial?
> One is used by my university, the other by my employer. They may be
> arbitrarily assigned, but they are unique and indicate me alone.
> No need to make up GUIDs or whatever, the real world has been aware of the
> reuirement to uniquely identify humans by other than their names for a
> long time (since somewhere near the beginning of written record keeping I
> suspect) and these are generally adequate.
> Dweeb
> (tiring of the wanking so pervasive in this group)
>> My choice is b) and it's what I've been talking about.


Exactly what I've been trying to get across!

A pitty celko and bob bador don't think so....

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