Re: Newbie question about db normalization theory: redundant keys OK?

From: Tony Rogerson <>
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 21:57:54 -0000
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> Since Roy and I both do our things in the real world of business and
> commerce, I can only assume you must confine yourself to a desk in a
> classroom where real world issues never occur or enter the frame.
> Otherwise, I can make no sense whatsoever of what you wrote.

Really, I guess concurrency avaids whatever database you use.

I guess doing a SELECT ... FROM ... on a Monday and then using that key on a look up on Wednesday without an imutable key does not cause you any problems.

What is this miraculus database called? Perhaps we should stop using all the commerical ones immediately.

PS.. I went to see the Peter Pan pantomine yesterday; so much reminds me of your content....

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