Re: Newbie question about db normalization theory: redundant keys OK?

From: Tony Rogerson <>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 17:59:44 -0000
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> Why didn't you bother to print out a new schedule when you got back to
> campus?

Why? There should be no need; also - there would be considerable contention as people came back to campus on the first day of the new term.

> spammed the campus with their classes for this term and any
> information from last term

I guess with the 2,000 students you would check there had been 2,000 read receipts for the email you sent.

You also assume that students have email off campus and don't just go straight to class according to the schedule they got when signing up for the class.

You are so seriously divorced from any form of real world thinking - did you get "shot in the buttock"?

> As the DBA, it is my job to keep the database consistent; I am not
> responsible for lazy, confused students who cannot find their own
> classes in my consistent, normalized Database. You want to see
> Student Health Services or read your email with the current data in
> it.

What if that had been a hospital system and a patient and their medication? You'd be given the wrong medication to the wrong patient which could kill them.

Folk like you are a real problem in the IT industry, your ignorance to how the real world works and self importance rather than team importance causes delays and failures across the spectrum of IT projects.

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