Re: OT editors (was: Another view on analysis and ER)

From: David Cressey <>
Date: Sat, 08 Dec 2007 11:19:55 GMT
Message-ID: <v5v6j.400$ki7.14_at_trndny06>

"mAsterdam" <> wrote in message news:475a1213$0$226$
> paul c schreef:
> > mAsterdam wrote:
> > ...
> >> Heh. No substitue for good old self discipline and establishing who
> >> wrote what for yourself. I must have put some option 'off': I have no
> >> colour assistance whatsoever.
> >> ...
> >
> > At least your colour-neutrality is consistent in some bizarre way that
> > seems needless to me. I think anybody who relishes parsing more than a
> > modest screen-full of a usenet post probably enjoys vi too. Please
> > don't get me started on pdf's!
> As someone who experienced (mainframe) editors like Xedit (Mansfield
> keeps a PC version (Kedit) alive, but who knows how long it will be
> supported) I cannot get used to the clumsiness of vi.

The only versions of vi that I have been exposed to were outrageously primitive when compared to the text editors of VAX/VMS from a quarter of a century ago. And EMACS looks like its even more sophisticated than those. Received on Sat Dec 08 2007 - 12:19:55 CET

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