Re: Undefinedness

From: paul c <>
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2007 18:10:23 GMT
Message-ID: <jCj1j.20859$cD.12090_at_pd7urf2no>

paul c wrote:
> Wait a minute. Regarding "weather_is", its complement is
> (!Weather_is(condition:hot)) AND ((!Weather_is(condition:cold)). This
> is not the same as just !Weather_is(condition:hot).
> ...

Oops, bloody parentheses. Should have said !((Weather_is(condition:hot)) AND (Weather_is(condition:cold))).

(Also, welcome to the club and I believe the correct spelling is "bloody eejit".) Received on Thu Nov 22 2007 - 19:10:23 CET

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