MI5 Persecution: Royal Festival Hall 15/4/99 (9198)

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Date: 17 Nov 2007 09:07:19 GMT
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Royal Festival Hall 15/4/99

Certainty level: 100%

Another "day in the life of", this one. January and February were quiet; in March it all started again; by the middle of April the resurgence of abuse had been going on for over a month. And this, with 100% certainty, is one manifestation of the abuse.

On Thursday 15 April 1999, 1pm lunchtime, I was at the booking office at the Royal Festival Hall near Waterloo Station in London, buying a ticket for a friend. A woman was at the counter next to me. She said;

"it would kill it, you know, it would just be overkill... .. they can't stop can they"

It was obvious to everyone, the ticket agents included, that her comments were directed at me, and that "they" (ie. MI5) were "killing" me.

I've heard similar things said at various other times, but rarely have their intentions been expressed as clearly as this. The woman also expressed the obsessive nature of MI5's preoccupation with me, by saying, "they can't stop can they".


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