Re: atomic

From: paul c <>
Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2007 18:26:56 GMT
Message-ID: <Ql2Yi.182024$Da.73598_at_pd7urf1no>

paul c wrote:
> Bob Badour wrote:
> ...

>> ...  You seem to keep thinking
>> recursive type declarations have the same problems as recursive value 
>> declarations. They don't.

... For a given value of R, there couldn't be any tuple of B
> that isn't a tuple of R!

Maybe I should have said that R defines a relation the possible values of which include tuples that are in the domain of B. So maybe I was mixing up values with types and instead of talking about R{A int, B typeof R}, I was confusing it with something like R{A int, B typeof R} along with a constraint such as B REFERENCES R. Received on Tue Nov 06 2007 - 19:26:56 CET

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