Re: Is it Possible to Enforce This Relationship at the DB Level?

From: Cimode <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 23:13:29 -0700
Message-ID: <>

> > > How so? What I am trying to do is pin down the entities/relationships
> > > involved in a process and, given the "model" that I've come up with,
> > > it appeared that certain relationships would lead to the model's
> > > integrity being violated. Although I was not sure, and thought maybe
> > > my model was flawed.
> > It's not the model which is flawed, it's your knowledge of data
> > fundamentals which orevents you from making a distincton between the
> > logical and physical layers. My head hurts with the amount of
> > gibberish and crappola you pour down in a single sentence.
> > > Maybe you believe it's a implementation issue because the
> > > "enforcement" (in my case I was looking for enforcement via
> > > referential integrity) actually takes place at the logical level, but
> > > this does not mean that you have to forgo the concept when creating a
> > > conceptual diagram.
> > There would be no doubt to somebody who has read at least ONE book
> > about RM that this is an implementation issue as both David Portas and
> > David Cressey already pointed out. Buit you obviously lack the
> > intellectual onnesty to recognize it.
> Blah, blah blah, Blah, blah blah, damn Cimode, I hope you charge by
> the hour cause you take up a whole bunch of time and talk a lot of
> shit, but at the end of the day, you provide nothing insightful or
> relevant to the root topic . Really, you manage to shift the topic.
> Hence, this reply.
Check out *Idiocracy* by Mike Judges, you would get a lead role in it by the amount of crappola you pour down in a single minute. The so called *topic* you brough tup is nothing else than an attempt to get your job done by others. I do not believe it presents the slightest interest to anybody except for idiots like you.

> So, being the megalomaniac that you appear to be, I'm going to jump
> off this post's ship and let you get the last word. Lay back, maybe
> untuck your shirt and unclip you cellphone from your hip, and offer up
> a relevant closing post.

Been called worse...
It is difficult if not impossible, to deal coherently whith what's inherently incoherent.
Just leave database management and go do something else more productive with you life. Received on Wed Oct 24 2007 - 08:13:29 CEST

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