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On Oct 12, 4:21 am, Gene Wirchenko <> wrote:
> Bob Badour <> wrote:
> >Gene Wirchenko wrote:
> >> Bob Badour <> wrote:
> >>>Parker wrote:
> >>>>This e-book contains over 1,100 pages of information that establish a
> >>>>new paradigm for the integrated Enterprise Data Architecture. It is a
> >>>>practical reference for the information technology professional.
> >>>>Organized hierarchically and amplified by more than 750 illustrations,
> >>>>it contains database and data warehouse concepts, techniques, data,
> >>>>process and object models, components, patterns, processes and views.
> >>>>There are downloadable example and installable database prototypes,
> >>>>PowerPoint presentations, database viewer, query library and data
> >>>>quality analysis and data migration tools.
> >>>>
> >>>Oooh, he said "paradigm"...
> >> Bingo!
> >Damn! All I needed was an extreme going across and a multidimensional
> >going up and down!
> I heard you snarl when "flat-file database" was called. You
> probably missed that one.
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> Gene Wirchenko
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OK!!!! That's enough old witches !!! I shall play for once devil's advocate with what I hope shall torture your academical ears in the following lines. ....So here I come....

Warning: High concentration of BS...Not suitable for educated audiences

--Critics of Parker's book
Parker's book is a true *revolution* in thinking. Parker has developped a *model* which is also a *paradigm shift* in the way we perceive *data* in the database. It does fit more precisely today's systems needs and helps avoid the problem of *impedance mismatch* common on relational databases products such as Oracle, SQL Server and DB2. Parker's model is recognized ISO 9010 and is spoken of by ANSI committee as
"The next great thing since the relational model became obsolete....
(D.Parek PhD - ANSI Comittee)

In terms of *methodology* Parker's rules and revolutionnary taxonomy guarantees the *practicality* of the systems and making sure that your data's assets won't be between the sole hands of a DBA that bothers everybody with theoretical unpractical and obsolete stuff such as the relational model.

Reading and Implementing Parker's book's secrets (such as how to truly make your database systems truly XML- compliant and friendly) for a mere 60$ value will change your life and bring success to your company.


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