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From: David Cressey <>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 19:41:12 GMT
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> David Cressey wrote:
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> > The question is moot. Table B and Table C have different headers, even
> > though they contain the same columns. a row with values {2, 1}
> > into TableB would be different from the row that's already there.
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> Thanks for previous answers. This might see picky but I can't find
> "header" or "heading" in the text I have. Does the standard use some
> other term to talk about "headers"?

My use of the term "header" might be non-standard.

> ColumnA ColumnB

for Table B and

> ColumnB ColumnA

for Table C are what I was referring to as "headers". The table header, among other things, associates a Column name with a column position. The rows containing the data only have data values, one after the other. The position of a value in a row and the position of the corresponding column name in the header together, establish the linkage between the value and the name. Received on Thu Oct 11 2007 - 21:41:12 CEST

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