Affiliate Marketng - Scam or Ligitimate Money Earner?

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Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2007 11:24:31 -0700
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With the explosion of the internet today, more and more people are turning to the world wide web in search of money making opportunities.

In this respect, affiliate marketing stands as a viable source of income, especially for newbies as they are able to start marketing straight away to make money. However, pitfalls abound as there are many unscrupulous people online trying to separate these newbies from their money.

In order not to be scammed, newbies are strongly advised to seek knowledge from experienced & ligitimate online mentors. The problem is, how to tell the genuine mentors from the fakes.

Stay tuned to find out more.

The Alternate Income Team Received on Fri Sep 07 2007 - 20:24:31 CEST

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