Re: Multiple-Attribute Keys and 1NF

From: paul c <>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 20:15:46 GMT
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JOG wrote:
> ...
> And I guess that's why colour-blind people don't become bike
> mechanics ;)

Can't prove it but I'd say they aren't at as much disadvantage as one might guess. The colours seem to fade over time, the ones that drive me nuts are black or green with a skinny blue stripe. Not that *I* would know, but my guess is that the better mechanics always double-check those with a meter or equivalent gizmo, sometimes a paper-clip is sufficient for most of the typical low voltages and currents!

I knew a domestic electrician who had only one eye that worked after he survived, somewhat, an electrocution. That's because he believed that a white colour always meant he could touch the wire bare-handed without turning off the breakers/"mains". The step-ladder he like was aluminum too. The shock went to his brain and shut down the part that worked one eye. Even after that he continued to trust the colours. If I were down to one eye, I don't think I'd take that chance, no matter how realistic I thought my db was! But then, I'm not a mystic, at least I hope not, ...

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