Re: normalization review

From: landonkelsey <u36972_at_uwe>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 05:09:59 GMT
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Did you read the original post where the composite primary key is defined?

Having one phone have a number of lines has no impact on the normalization violation.

The location column does not depend on the ENTIRE primary key!

Bob Badour wrote:
>> location depends only on the telephone number not on the entire primary key
>> However if the telephone were a cellphone, there would be no violation!
>> Look at the Boyce Codd normalization principle
>Without having ever specified a PK, the above doesn't make much sense.
>Location does not depend on the phone number in many offices with PBX
>systems. Any phone can make and receive calls on any line.
>>>2 is violated ...why?
>[quoted text clipped - 4 lines]
>>>>No form is violated.
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