Re: standard and easy way to do schema design

From: Paul Linehan <plinehan__A_at_T__yahoo__D.OT__COM>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 17:32:27 GMT
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-CELKO- wrote:

> Ganesh is the Hindu god with an elephant's head who protects those who
> suffer unjustly -- that makes him the patron saint of developers with
> vague specs :)

Amen to that - if the said Ganesh accepts grovelling from one of Christian origin - though mind you, I thought Saint Jude "When all other avenues are closed, he is the one to call upon, and his help often comes at the last moment." was the boy to invoke when things went awry during an IT project - the last minute help ususally being an assignment to a different company, where they had actually pause for 5 minutes before lashing themselves into a frenzy of code production (for some reason the mating habits of various lower vertebrates come to mind here, as do calices and all sorts of sundry medieval mortification devices).

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