Re: NULLs: theoretical problems?

From: paul c <>
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2007 20:42:52 GMT
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Hugo Kornelis wrote:
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> The ANSI standard defines NULL as follows:
> "null value: A special value that is used to indicate the
> absence of any data value."
> Thus, the only concept collapsed into NULL is that of "no value here".
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Thanks for a great quote. The notion that that there is a value that conveys that the value is not a value suggests that the SQL committee has its fair share of mystics, too. Either that, or they are not required to read what they write.

Another paradox is the db that is based only on values, except when it's not. No surprise is the stupidity of customers who allow consultants to skip nailing down requirements so that they can charge more later. They are like the tailor of the Emperor's new clothes.

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