Re: Is inner query executed for each row of ... ?

From: kschendel <>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 06:15:20 -0700
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On Jul 31, 7:07 am, beginner16 <> wrote:
> hello
> When we execute SELECT statement, the following steps are taken:
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Be aware that you are describing a conceptual implementation, not an actual one. It is highly unlikely that a real SQL implementation would materialize the cartesian-product intermediate unless there were no other choice.

> ...
> a) Is the inner SELECT ( subquery ) statement executed only once, or
> is it executed for each row

conceptually, it is executed for each outer row. References to outer-scope columns in the inner select are substituted with the values of each successive outer row.

> b) ... then I assume value A.a1 inside inner WHERE clause only
> equals to value of current [outer] row


> c) But if the inner SELECT statement doesn't have a WHERE clause, or
> if there are no attributes from table T specified inside inner WHERE
> clause, then I assume that inner SELECT statement returns same result
> for all rows


Remember that the SQL engine is allowed to choose a different execution plan that does NOT involve executing the inner select over and over, as long as it gets the same answer as the conceptual model you describe above.

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