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From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 15:24:18 -0300
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>>Bruce C. Baker wrote:
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>>>>Bruce C. Baker wrote:
>>>>>To perhaps excessively over-simplify, FP's political postings in 
>>>>> had a decidedly leftist/liberal/anti-GWB slant, while the 
>>>>>postings on seem to be 
>>>>>diametrically the opposite.
>>>>I see no evidence to conclude this. FP posts links to articles as 
>>>>"evidence for the suicidal decline of the west." I suspect one has to 
>>>>consider that many of the links are offered in a similar spirit to 
>>>I'll grant you that FP is concerned about "evidence for the suicidal 
>>>decline of the west.", but some of the books he lists at 
>>> DO have a decidedly 
>>>leftist/liberal/anti-GWB slant. Rock-ribbed conservatives, no matter how 
>>>concerned for the decline of the west, don't recommend books by Noam 
>>>Chomsky, f'gosh sakes! :-)
>>I see no reason to think he is now or ever was a rock-ribbed conservative.

> My bad, Bob. Perhaps I should have written "*Even* rock-ribbed conservatives
> ..."; I didn't mean to imply that FP was such (and I strongly suspect he
> isn't one!)
> Or maybe I could have said that recommending a book by Noam Chomsky is
> inconsistent with linking to the post "Fatah Isn't the Answer - Israel is."
> (

I fail to see the inconsistency.

>>>I believe FP was some sort of economist/sociologist before turning his 
>>>attention to databases.
>>I believe his background is in 'quantitative behavioural analysis'.
>>>I miss his debunkings, too, but I can sympathize with not wanting to be 
>>>continuously beaten about the head and shoulders by ignorant idiots.
>>>What evidence is there that 
>>>is being maintained by FP, as opposed to being merely linked to by him?
>>The posts are signed FP and the book list on the blogspot site is actually 
>>a link to

> Not disputing the point, Bob, but an admittedly casual search on my part
> doesn't turn up any posts signed by FP. Could you post a link to one from
> the site? TIA.

All of the posts are. Each post consists of a bunch of links to other articles on the web. Every post I found was signed 'fp' and had 0 comments

>>The theme of the blogspot site is consistent with Fabian's opinions as 
>>stated in the past.

> Just for the record, while I wholeheartedly concur with FP's concerns in re
> the state of western civilization and the decline of education, I
> nevertheless think he was more effective when dealing with database issues.
>>Other than that, there is no evidence whatsoever. What evidence is there 
>>that anyone other than Fabian maintains 
>> ? 
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