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From: dreamznatcher <>
Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2007 14:22:40 -0700
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On Jul 3, 10:03 pm, Bob Badour <> wrote:

> More importantly, what are they doing with those inventions today? How
> are they using them to create large unified societies or to increase
> productivity for raising living standards?

Umm, use them to outsource IT projects from a desk-near-you, I guess? Just kidding. By the way, we solved the "creation of unified societies" part thousands of years ago. We didn't have to migrate to yellow- or brown-people continents.

And in the meanwhile (read: towards the end of the only few recent hundred years in our few millennia-spanning civilization) we even chose independence over the so-called comforts ("fruits") of Western civilization left by colonial rule (Google "dominion status" and "Mahatma Gandhi"); fought for it, and earned it. Unlike some countries lacking enough self-respect and still used to bowing to a distant, aging monarchy which we kicked away roughly half a century back.

> I would take a decade of vigorous progress over a millenium of
> stagnation and regression.

You clearly don't have any knowledge of history, ours or even yours. This isn't a history class, and next time don't come barking without doing some homework.

> I note too that not all of Asia seems equally
> equipped to create large unified societies even if China and Japan are
> so equipped.

Not to mention that your definition of "large unified societies" seems to be delusional. And lacks proper knowledge regarding the economic scenario of other parts of Asia. Once again, get to a library and add a few books on political economy/development studies to your reading list.

Finally, Bob:
a. I replied to this post a little while ago, but the Google servers seem perplexed. Sorry if I'm responding twice to this. b. You should have *read* my previous posts in their entirety and context before ranting over issues already dealt with. c. Ignorance is bliss, but a history lesson often saves you from embarrassment, provided you have it in you to register that sort of feeling.
d. This is c.d.t. Not a Usenet group on history or development studies or politics.
e. Sorry if I offended you, but in that case you owe me an apology first.

For everybody else:
a. Sorry if I have offended anybody. Bad blood gets spilled everywhere when people aren't even bothering to comprehend. b. Please *read* my previous posts.
c. If you still haven't got it: I'm *not* anti-white, anti-West, anti- your-country or a sulker in any way. Nor am complaining or have any power over how history has unfolded.
d. If you still disagree with me and have history issues, please go visit a library.
e. This isn't a history group, and I'm not going to join the mob who are out to make it one. Received on Tue Jul 03 2007 - 23:22:40 CEST

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