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Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2007 13:00:34 -0300
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Bruce C. Baker wrote:

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>>On Jul 3, 6:38 am, "Bruce C. Baker" <>
>>>Sorry, old boy, but actually it's "Wherever the white man has /departed/,
>>>everything is in ruins."
>>You could say that, but you have to be someplace for a while to depart
>>from it.
>>>Seems that while the natives are capable of
>>>enjoying the fruits of civilization, they aren't quite capable of
>>>maintaining it. Pity, really.
>>Seemingly, many "natives" of the western world don't quite realize
>>they reached the "civilized" status about a few thousand years after
>>the natives of Asia, Africa and South America. And that the bulk of
>>"fruits of civilization" of a few thousands of years might actually
>>far outweigh a few centuries of discoveries and fantastic inventions.
>>Please check out a few good history books at a standard library close
>>to you.

I would take a decade of vigorous progress over a millenium of stagnation and regression. I note too that not all of Asia seems equally equipped to create large unified societies even if China and Japan are so equipped.

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