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Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2007 03:38:29 -0500
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Well, clearly, it was a bit too dry. I, personally, thought it was obvious I was joking. "Brits don't know nothing"? "Learn proper American English, and learn how to talk good"? I thought it was so obviously farcical. Oh well. I guess emoticons it is. But emoticons are like a wink, you know? Could you imagine Monty Python winking at their audience to let them know they were joking? I don't think so. But, the again, I'm not Monty Python. ;-)

And, yes, "humor" and "tongue" are the proper spellings. See, in the social evolutionary scheme of things, we Americans represent the next stage of evolution after you Brits. So, just as we took the legal system that you developed and made it better, so we also took all your rough spellings and corrected them to what they should be. You can thank us later.

(THAT........ WAS........ A........... JOKE............. And here's proof that it was a joke: ;-) )

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>> Well, that makes two people who didn't get my humor. Guess I'll have to
>> work on taking my tongue out of my cheek a little......
> I didn't get your humour either. Perhaps, when there might be an element
> of doubt on the part of your audience, a light sprinkling of emoticons
> might help get across your motive. BTW, "humor" and "tongue"? ;-)
> Keith.
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