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From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 10:10:09 -0300
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dreamznatcher wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm considering a career switch to a more database-related job, but
> need help on a few questions and issues. I'm a Computer Engineering
> graduate and have always felt most comfortable creating database-
> driven applications, preferably for web portals.
> [My questions:]
> 1. What are the most viable career options for me out there? What
> profile do I fit in?

Um, cowboy seems like a good fit.

> 2. What is the current job market/salary situation for database
> professionals? With my current skills, what kind of job might I end up
> with?


> 3. What are the stuff I should focus/learn to advance my skills
> optimally?

The fundamentals of data management.

> 4. And finally, is there any university degree (MS) specializing in
> databases anywhere? (I'm also deeply interested in the internal
> mechanism/theoretical aspect of databases.)

A lot of the heavy hitters in the data management arena seem centered around Stanford. I am sure plenty of other good schools have good programmes too.

> _Please read my (following) profile before replying!_
> [I'm proficient in: ]
> - Oracle (8i, 9i), MySQL (4.1.xx), MS Access
> - Have working knowledge of SQL Server 2000
> - Intend to learn SQLite and MySQL 5 soon
> - JS, PHP
> - Intend to learn AJAX, JSON, ASP.Net soon
> [I feel my strengths are: ]
> - I can design database systems (I don't know if that's the right
> name to call it) on a very
> short notice. However complex the application, it never takes me more
> than a few hours (in the
> very extreme of cases, and including drafting frontend layouts) to
> chalk the whole thing out.
> - I'm good at debugging, and am extremely meticulous about good
> coding practices and error and exception handling.
> - I'm good at designing good, clean webpages and emphasize on an
> optimal use of CSS.
> - I'm quick to learn.
> [Among professional projects I've done are: ]
> 1. A Content Management System (CMS) for a running national daily
> newspaper
> 2. A complete University Management System
> 3. An image archive containing thousands of photos
> 4. A website for a newspaper
> Help! And many thanks in advance.
> dzn
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