Re: How would a relational operating system look like?

From: Anne & Lynn Wheeler <>
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2007 11:21:18 -0600
Message-ID: <>

Thomas Gagne <> writes:
> See what you can find out about the Teradata DBC/1012 database
> computer. It's operating system and relational engine were combined so
> that the two were indistinguishable. From what I found Googling around
> they no longer ship systems with their proprietary OS.

for other background ... system/r ... and for some relational/SQL DBMS ... there is and

the reunion mentiond some of the "database machines" and the people involved. my impression from the period was that the inception of sybase (at least partially) involved moving off proprietary hardware and building on "more" COTS platforms

teradata specific reference:

note that AT&T has since spun off NCR and NCR has announced spinning off Teradata.

misc past posts mentioning relational, sql, system/r

for total other archeological drift ... in the system/r timeframe, Luther Woodrum was doing some amount on index structures ... both on disk and in memory. some of that eventually showed up in mainframe instructions supporting "in-memory" index structures (written up for sorting) Received on Tue Jun 05 2007 - 19:21:18 CEST

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