Re: How would a relational operating system look like?

From: Brian Selzer <>
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2007 17:58:13 GMT
Message-ID: <VoY8i.32043$>

"DBMS_Plumber" <> wrote in message
> On Jun 3, 7:57 pm, "Brian Selzer" <> wrote:
>> Are domains variable in a relational operating system?
> Brian! Think bigger, man!
> Not only are domains extensible, but even the set of operators in the
> algebra!
I'm just wondering how each and every atomic value (file) in a relational operating system can be located in one and only one place so that it can be shared by multiple users at the same time. Received on Mon Jun 04 2007 - 19:58:13 CEST

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