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From: paul c <>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 21:20:04 GMT
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mAsterdam wrote:
> Was that IEBGENER?
> ...

Can't remember much of it, thank goodness. I guess we probably called that one just gener and probably everybody knew how to use it. Could never understand since there was a program called IEHPROGM (if I recall) why any other programs were should be needed. Then there was ieb?ptpch that nobody could remember how to use. I was most happy when I got a job that was pure development, we got whatever we wanted, invented our own standards and I never used jcl again, not even for compiles, just svc 97 or somesuch for debug and only tso for regressions. I had to laugh when we started using C on the mainframes. It was evident from the support for all the compilers we used that the rest of the mf C world was still using jcl which seemed a rather clumsy combination for going faster. Sort of like retaining the gondola on the jet plane that replaces the hot air balloon.

The craziest thing I can remember is writing channel programs for a machine in Argentina where there was some restriction on machines that had more than 16K bytes of main memory because the standard IO support routines took didn't leave enough memory for the apps. Some bank held a retirement party for a guy who had done his forty years. When the chairman asked him what was the biggest change he had seen in banking, he hesitated, then blurted out, "air conditioning"! Today, I envy the younger people who have the resources to do things right (at least a lot more right) but despair when they repeat the mistakes of years ago.

The only reason I mention all this trivia is that it has as much to do with db theory as naming conventions!

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