Re: What is the logic of storing XML in a Database?

From: Daniel <>
Date: 29 Mar 2007 08:25:06 -0700
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On Mar 29, 10:37 am, "Marshall" <> wrote:
> On Mar 28, 11:23 pm, Bernard Peek <> wrote:
> > Can I turn this around and ask you what you think XML would look like if it
> > was more elegant?
> Binary.

This is going against the tide, you may think the tide is going the wrong way, but the overwelming movement is to character encoded formats. There are reasons for that that are well known. The experience with CORBA is instructive.

> Simpler: no distinction between entities and attributes, for example.

I think you mean elements, not entities. Some XML people agree with you.

> It would have a type system.

XML Schema does describe a type system for XML documents.

> It would have *one* way of representing schema

The W3C XML Schema is becoming the more or less the universal schema for XML documents.

> Schema would be embedded

A reference to a schema can be embedded in an XML document.

> Relational support

Why? It's a different concern.

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