Re: What is the logic of storing XML in a Database?

From: Bernard Peek <>
Date: 29 Mar 2007 07:23:05 GMT
Message-ID: <>

On 2007-03-28, JOG <> wrote:
> On Mar 28, 11:07 pm, Bernard Peek <> wrote:
>> I often describe myself as an engineer. I'm always looking for an "elegant
>> solution" too. But I'm basically in favour of XML because it rather
>> elegantly solves some problems for me.
> I'm intrigued. What problems does XML solve that could not be adressed
> in a more elegant way? I am yet to come across such a problem (and in
> my relatively short time on google's green earth I have written a lot
> of cod).

The problems it solved for me aren't technical ones, they were business problems with existing CSV files and the business processes that created and used them.

Can I turn this around and ask you what you think XML would look like if it was more elegant?

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