Re: Large dataset performance

From: Cimode <>
Date: 21 Mar 2007 06:12:09 -0700
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On Mar 21, 1:42 pm, "Daniel" <> wrote:
> The OP's problem seems to be to load 3.5 million rows into a table.
> You might want to explain to the OP how he could accomplish this more
> efficiently with a set operation, as opposed to performing inserts
> inside a loop, or using a bulk load utility. The OP is unlikely to be
> ab able to find this information in a book.
cdt is *not* an environment meant for discussing implementation- dependent issues but for discussing database theory and fundamentals. One must take into account that educating people online on SQL is neither efficient nor effective. OTOH, pointing out useful reading onto RM is efficient and effective into helping people, that *if* the OP seeks to understand what he/she is doing.

I take such realistic attitude not because I don't care but because anything else is a waste of time. For implementation dependent questions better use environments such as

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