Re: An object-oriented network DBMS from relational DBMS point of view

From: Lee Fesperman <>
Date: 15 Mar 2007 00:16:46 -0700
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On Mar 14, 3:59 am, "Walt" <> wrote:
> The people who promote RM in c.d.t. usually write as if the advances in
> programming productivity that accompanied the gradual shift from structured
> programming to OO were of no interest or value whatsoever.

That could be because OO, unlike RM, has no formal basis. It is a collection of effective programming practices, most of which were known and applied by good developers in the '60s.

Besides, 'programmer productivity' is not high on the list of goals for database management systems, though I would say that RM has made significant contributions to productivity over the years.

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