Re: data storage for finite element applications

From: jma <>
Date: 14 Mar 2007 02:55:57 -0700
Message-ID: <>

> How many people are going to need access to the data?

one very often and some others regularly to sometimes. I do not expect more than ten, for each model stored. However data will be persistent and reused

> How many rows of element data will exist in the biggest table?

A model could consist of 1-2 million rows today (As computer power increases, this increases too). But there are many such tables to a model, since many versions must be kept.

> How much update is going to happen per hour in rows?

Very little.

> How many concurrent uses will update at this rate?

4-16 clients may write concurrently but not in the same tables all the time

> If DBMS is one option, an RDBMS is another.
> (eg: SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc)

Quite right. These are the options I am considering.

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