Re: Table/Attribute Modeling

From: Tony D <>
Date: 13 Mar 2007 16:23:45 -0700
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On Mar 13, 7:56 pm, "-CELKO-" <> wrote:
> LOL! Larry Constantine used beat up on Software Engineers for saying
> "methodology" instead of "method" because methodology is the study of
> methods and not one in particular. He also had a great definition: "A
> method is what you do next when you don't known what to do next." --
> very practical!

So it's not just me that that "methodology" thing grates on then. Well, that's good to know !

That said, most who bandy the "methodology" around would probably be better off studying methods than trying to apply them ... but I'm in a somewhat "anti-programmer rant" mode this evening...

  • Tony
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