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From: mountain man <>
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2007 07:07:52 GMT
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> mountain man wrote:
> ...
>> Database systems theory can instruct you only to a
>> certain level about change management. Practice
>> on the other hand, with live and volatile and changing
>> data, will also instruct you in the more practical matters
>> of evolving relationships in changing schemas.
>> ...
> This post reminds me of how much I think it is a shame how this group
> spends most of its time dispelling nonsense instead of suggesting
> progress. I agree completely with the first sentence above, but the
> second leads nowhere.

Are you suggesting that there is everything to be gained from the theory of database systems, and nothing to be gained by actually working hands-on with database systems which are to be evolved and change-managed?

Practice and theory go hand in hand; the two sides of the one coin IMO, to the extent that one is useless without the other, despite assertions to the contrary by academic theorists, who are often far behind the times.

In some eras and epochs theory will lead practice, such as was the case with the purposeful construction of RDBMS software following the theory of Codd and others.

Recently however, the practice has left the theory straggling (again of course, in my opinion). Received on Wed Mar 07 2007 - 08:07:52 CET

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