Re: Constraints and Functional Dependencies

From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2007 21:18:52 GMT
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V.J. Kumar wrote:

> "Cimode" <> wrote in

>>On 1 mar, 19:34, "V.J. Kumar" <> wrote:
>>>"Marshall" <> wrote
>>>>On Mar 1, 6:58 am, "Walt" <> wrote:
>>>>>I believe you are correct, but I think the syndrome goes far
>>>>>deeper than you have said.  Basically, the US educational system
>>>>>has evolved a mthodology in which theory is quite simply not
>>>>>taught at all.  What passes for "theoretical discussion" in an
>>>>>American classroom is really and extended introduction to the
>>>>>subject matter.  The subject matter itself is embodied in a series
>>>>>of examples,  that illustrate the real meat of what is being
>>>>OT Free associating:
>>>>Conversations with Vadim and others from his part of the world
>>>>have convinced me that the point at which the average Russian
>>>>student achieves US-graduate-student level mathematical
>>>>education is approximately the third grade.
>>>This claim is pure and unmitigated bullshit,  an experimental result
>>>I've arrived at after having associated with many Russians that
>>>purportedly had superior math education.  I must admit I'd used to be
>>>as misguided as you are in this respect, having been fed popular
>>>myths about superiority of Russian math education.  I'd say idiots
>>>are more or less uniformly distributed amongst various ethnicities, 
>>>and their native educational systems pecularities are almost
>>>irrelevant.  Granted,  there may be cultural influences coming from
>>>parents and peers,  but that's a different matter altogether.
>>Marshall speaks specifically about academic environments not in
>>general public...

> Well, as regards college level math education, if you want real stuff,
> you go to
> Princeton/Yale/Chicago/whatever_math_school_is_of_interest_to_you, not
> to some state college shithole, right ?

I did not go to a state college shithole, and I think my undergraduate education sucked.

   It's all about choices you are
> willing to make provided that you are qualified to make them of course.
> If you are not qualified, tough luck, blame your parents or genes,
> anyone or anything but yourself ;)

Okay. But what if I am qualified, why can I not blame them anyway?

> In any case, monetary value of so-called "exact science" education, as
> my Russian coworkers call it for some reason, is highly overrated. You
> might be much happier and wealthier selling stuff like cars, or XML
> databases to even bigger idiots ;) For some reason, some Russians and
> Asians have not yet grasped these simple truths and are still clinging to
> the mythical value of math/physics/whatever literally beaten into them by
> their parent and teachers in their home country secondary schools with
> military style discipline and curriculum.

Why then do I know so many physicists in the software field? Received on Thu Mar 01 2007 - 22:18:52 CET

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