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On Feb 28, 10:15 pm, paul c <> wrote:
> Marshall wrote:
> ...
> > In the case of lossy compression, I feel strongly that it is a logical
> > matter, and cannot be abstracted away. The choice of compression
> > ratios and algorithms needs to be under user/application control,
> > not dba control.
> Suppose a relation has a candidate key I which is an image of one person
> and another candidate key N which is the name of that person.
> 1) With possrep's, could some images in the same relation be represented
> in TIF format and others in JPG?
> 2) When inserting a TIF image of one person or a JPG of the same person,
> is there a way an engine could consider the TIF and JPG equal?

These questions have been a subject of thought for years. This is one of the questions raised in the thread I have openned on *Avoiding bidimensional representation of relations* or what kind of computing model could be imagined to facilitate relation level operation --> I specifically deal with the necessity of establishing relation level operators...Besides, if not already done, you may want to check out Fabian PASCAL - Practical Issues in Database Management - where a chapter dedicated to typing puts in perspective the problem of media types...

> Does this have to do with what you mean?
> p
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