Re: Designing database tables for performance?

From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 01:25:25 GMT
Message-ID: <9S4Fh.2219$>

jgar the jorrible wrote:

> On Feb 26, 6:28 pm, Bob Badour <> wrote:
>>joel garry wrote:

[nonsense snipped]

Joel, get real.

Fabian has never unfairly maligned anyone. I have researched thousands of similar baseless accusations. In every case, things trace back to someone unfairly maligning Fabian and then a mob jumping on the bandwagon. Every single time. It's quite possible I even researched the incident you refer to.

I simply do not believe you. I do not find you credible. The overwhelming mountain of evidence suggests to me that your interpretation of events is simply a fantasy.

You recently denied your own elitism while projecting it onto someone else, which I take as direct evidence of a lack of intellectual honesty.   I have come to the realisation that those who lack intellectual honesty waste resources. Plonk. Received on Wed Feb 28 2007 - 02:25:25 CET

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