Re: OT: Where? and What?

From: dawn <>
Date: 26 Feb 2007 20:21:34 -0800
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On Feb 15, 3:18 pm, Bob Badour <> wrote:
> I am going to do a little self-promotion of my own.
> I think it is time for me to come out of retirement and relocate to the
> US. The first question is: Where should I target? The second is: What
> sort of work should I look for?
> Where?
> I want to work on interesting stuff with smart people. That would make
> the Bay Area an obvious choice. Lot's of smart people. Close to VC's
> etc. It's easy to stay tapped into the latest industry trends there etc.
> But I hear horror stories about how expensive housing is getting in CA.
> My dogs have 4 acres to run in here, and it would seem cruel to move
> anywhere without at least a large yard.
> Other technology centers like Austin or RTP might be good, but I wonder
> if the same housing cost issue would apply there too?
> While I have a preference for warmer places [he types from a drafty old
> house in Canada during a frigid windstorm], I would relocate anywhere in
> the US for interesting work and good pay.
> What?
> Something interesting of course. But things are getting interesting in a
> lot of areas. Data volumes are getting interesting. Pattern inference
> and machine learning are getting more mainstream--everything from fraud
> detection to gene/drug discovery. Distributed computing and parallel
> processing are real up and comers.
> I wouldn't mind taking on something entirely new to me that might force
> me to open a textbook or read a research report or two.
> No travel or government work though. I did the whole travel thing for a
> decade, and I hated that I couldn't have dogs. Now, I have my dogs
> making regular travel a non-starter.
> Does anyone here have any suggestions? Or any information about any
> places that might have a good quality of life near smart techie people?

I'll go out on a limb and answer your question as though I cared about you, Bob (which, oddly, I do). Someone will have to reply for you to see this, so it might be for naught, but just in case it is helpful...

I have traveled the U.S. quite a bit, both for business and pleasure. I have some former employees who keep in touch and live in Silicon Valley and I have been there several times; I have lived in Durham, NC and keep in touch with folks there; and I have some more remote connections to Austin. Based on the few requirements you have presented here and what I know of your personality (which I'm hoping is not your most charming side), my two cents is that you might do well in the RTP area. I absolutely loved living in that area and working in Chapel Hill and have enjoyed my trips to Raleigh. The weather is beautiful -- I could play tennis year round and the sky can be the most beautiful shade of blue I have seen (Tar Heel blue). Costs are not low, but better than CA.

Best wishes in your new adventures. --dawn Received on Tue Feb 27 2007 - 05:21:34 CET

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